Vegatec Microfinance platform

Vegatec Banking Software Platform

helps microfinance and mid-size bank institutions run smoothly all their operations; it empowers them to deliver modern class services (classic, Internet or mobile banking) to their customers and generate more profitability.

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Based in-house or in the cloud, highly flexible, Vegatec platform is a management information system that can be accessed over a network using a web browser on a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. It is designed to give microfinance institutions (MFIs) a way to create and maintain their structure, get information quickly about their operations and their clients, and grow easily.
Deployment, ownership, operations, results, profitability are quite quick.

Vegatec Sarl supports clients MFIs or banks wherever they operate, particulary those from developing or emerging countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

The Vegatec Software Platform delivers particularly following services to micro and medium finance and banking institutions:

Flexible Financial Services Products

  • Loan products
  • Saving products
  • Charges on loan
  • Client Management

  • Client relationship management tracking
  • Client identity and document management so you can fully know your customer
  • Social performance measurement
  • Client credit scores provided by integration of partner solutions
  • Robust Accounting

      Numbers are the lifeblood of banking business, so of course Vegatec has robust accounting functionality.

  • Cash or Accrual accounting
  • Custom chart of accounts
  • Automated portfolio posting
  • Advanced automated account posting
  • Full support for manual journal entries
  • Configurable accounting rules
  • Streamlined financial reporting
  • Work Flow and Risk management

    Vegatec gives you complete control over the activities of your employees. Work processes can be broken down into required steps and all activities can be recorded and searched. Work roles can be defined with very specific permissions allowing you define and manage user access to information and decision-making and user passwords & log-in can be controlled.

  • Configurable work flows
  • Role-based permissioning
  • Maker-checker work flows
  • Searchable audit trails
  • HTTPS authentication
  • Social and Business Insight

    Vegatec includes both a robust set of built-in reports and connectivity to world-class reporting and business intelligence suites. The app includes:

  • Standard built-in reports
  • Stretchy reporting with SQL queries
  • Embedded dashboards
  • Pentaho reporting integration
  • Ease of Use

    Based on years of field use and users feedbacks, the user interface is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use. You will love using it.