Vegatec Microfinance platform

What you can do with the Vegatec platform

With Vegatec Software platform, you can do the following things:

  • Set up micro or mini finance institution (MFI) operations from scratch
  • Maintain an MFI someone else created
  • Change settings for your MFI
  • Create and maintain a hierarchy of regions, branches, and centers within your MFI
  • Create roles and assign permissions required by users at your MFI to work on Vegatec software
  • Create users (such as loan officers) who can work with your MFI
  • Create groups and register clients who will receive MFI services
  • Create (and change) loan products
  • Create (and change) savings products
  • Create and maintain loan accounts
  • Pay out (disburse) loans
  • Collect repayments on loans
  • Collect and keep records for all fees paid
  • Create and maintain savings accounts
  • Collect deposits and pay withdrawals for savings accounts
  • Upload and create reports about MFI activity

  • Please contact us for more information, for testing or buying the platform and support services. We can deploy and support any bank institution wherever it is located in the world.